Wednesday, August 5, 2009

South Carolina - AKC Day Three

We decided to start our last day on the beach. Unfortunately Kara had already left, Lee Ann had an appointment that morning and Amelia was still sleeping, but we still had a lot of fun.
A group shot on self-timer, point and shoot camera, all images are straight out of camera:
We were pretty determined to get a jumping shot on the self-timer. Here are a few of our attempts:

After many failed attempts and a lot of laughter, we moved on to other ideas. Here's our America's Next Top Model pose:
And in honor of Lee Ann who is a yoga instructor:
We didn't just take silly pictures at the beach. We also tried skim surfing. Two words: Not easy.
Every time I jumped on the board it went straight down and got stuck on the sand. Yes we have video of it and it's absolutely hilarious.
Here we are with "our" boards. Can you see Trina's bleeding elbow? Like I said, not an easy sport.
Earlier in the week we realized that all the blonde photographers there had Nikon cameras and all the brunettes had Canons. 4 Nikons and 4 Canons. Weird coincidence that we thought we should have fun with. Here are some Nikon vs Canon pictures that we took right before we took Sam to the airport:

By the way, Canon wins.

Here we are at the airport saying by to Sam with our "secret" hand-shake. We are such big dorks.
Trina took these pictures:
After the airport we had lunch at Poe's Tavern. I love places like this:
Me, Amelia and Lisette. Photo by Shea.

After lunch, we stopped by this really fun antique store. Shea scored some vintage chairs and the rest of us scored some fun pictures of each other:

Absolutely stunning:
I got a ton of pictures of Lee Ann while we were there so I'll just make that a separate post.
Girls, thank you so much for a fabulous week. I learned a lot and I feel really blessed to have met all of you. Looking forward to the next one!


Eunice Brownlee said...

LeeAnn almost looks like Mary-Louise Parker. So beautiful. Looks like a great time! I'm envious. :)

Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

What an awesome job you have - always on the road!
I'm envious too! :)

Lee Ann Fuller said...

Gorgeous picture of Lisette!!! Love it!!

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