Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brittany & Dave

A few weeks back I got to second shoot a wedding with Megan Resch. I love to second shoot! I had never met Megan before but I had seen her work so I super excited when she called me to ask to second shoot for her. We got along soo well! I loved working with her as much as I'd just love to hang out with her. She so sweet and so much fun! (Thanks, Megan)! 
On to the wedding... It was at Boojum Tree which was a first for me and ohmygod, it's soo gorgeous! I would definitely have my wedding here!
Sometimes I feel bad for other photographer because I feel like I get to have all the awesome couples so it's fun to second shoot and see that other photographers have amazing couples too. These two were so in love and so great together!
Here's their first look. I love the happy/nervous/my-heart-is-going-to-come-out-of-my-chest look on Dave's face:

Yes. I cried.

There were so many great moments from the ceremony! Tears, hugs, smiles... Here's one of my favorites right after Brittany's grandmother sang a song for them. It was beautiful! 
Brittany's nephew did such a good job as the ring bearer! Isn't he the cutest?! Plus I love it when the rings are actually on the pillow!

A few details and a few portraits:

I don't usually post the "formal portraits" but I know brides are always looking for ideas and I thought it was great how they all "matched" even though they were all wearing different dresses and ties.

The joys of being the second shooter! You get to have fun even during portrait time :)
I wish I had a picture like this with my grandmothers:
First dance:

Not only can they slow dance they can also boogie out on the dance floor. Boogie is such a funny word! I don't think I've ever actually said it aloud... 
Love this:

And because I loved the bouquet so much, you get another picture!
Such a great wedding!


Rachael Earl said...

So beautiful! She looks like Kate Winslet! What an awesome location!

Stephanie said...

A. That's a beautiful locale for a wedding.

B. The bride's shade of lipstick is perfect on her.

C. I love that the bridesmaid are all wearing different colored dresses. Very hip. Very mod. Very NOW. :)

Trisha Flahart said...

Love your pictures! You are such an amazing photographer!

megan said...

thanks for second shooting for me... you did an awesome job :)

we definitely need to hang out soon!

Lisette Price Photography said...

These are beautiful Cristi! I love all the details and I think it's awesome all of the bm's had different color dresses. :)

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